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EGL USA alerts and announcements can include key innovations in laboratory research and customer service, as well as noteworthy company statements and industry show appearances.

EGL USA typically exhibits at these leading gemological industry events:
• JA New York — New York, NY
• JCK Las Vegas — Las Vegas, NV
• JIS — Miami Beach, FL

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EGL USA Is Not the Subject of Forthcoming Class-Action Lawsuit —

Retailers Will Not Be Targeted for Selling Diamonds with EGL USA Reports


New York, NY— December 18, 2014 — In response to National Jeweler's report that a class-action lawsuit will charge EGL International with systematically overgrading diamonds and “major retailers” for knowingly selling those diamonds, EGL USA and an attorney in the case have reiterated that this lawsuit is completely unrelated to EGL USA and EGL USA gemological reports.


Mitch Jakubovic, director of EGL USA said, “Recently, National Jeweler published an article announcing that a lawsuit will be filed against EGL International and some 'major retailers.' Like all news about EGL International, this announcement has nothing to do with EGL USA. It also has nothing to do with EGL USA reports. Retailers will not be targeted for selling diamonds with EGL USA reports.”


Jakubovic continued, “There is no connection between EGL USA and EGL International, or between EGL USA and any other EGL overseas entity. EGL USA is a completely different company with a completely different character. We are committed to safeguarding our legacy of nearly four decades of exceptional gemological analyses. And we will continue to protect our reputation and the interests of our customers.”


Brian Cummings, Esq., co-counsel for the plaintiffs against EGL International, reinforced the facts, “EGL USA is absolutely not part of the forthcoming class-action suit against EGL International. On the contrary, from our research EGL USA has a strong reputation in the diamond and gemstone industry, and from a legal standpoint has done everything possible to distance itself from EGL International. It would be grossly unfair for anyone to confuse the two laboratories or their reports. They are completely distinct.”


EGL USA Responds to Turmoil in EGL International Network


New York, NY — December 5, 2014 — In response to announcements of EGL International's closing and the reorganization of the overseas EGL network, Yaakov Tversky, director of EGL USA, released the following statement.


“Recently, EGL's overseas laboratories announced plans to close and/or reorganize. This is a big news story. But it has nothing to do with EGL USA. We are not part of EGL International or any other EGL overseas entities, and we will never be part of their proposed network.


“We are not them.


“EGL USA supports genuine gemology — GIA grading standards applied by GIA- and FGA-trained gemologists using GIA-graded master stones and state-of-the-art equipment.


“Flights of fancy like ‘face-up grading' and made-to-order standards have no place in gemology.


“Simply put, the tactics of EGL International and its network have hurt our industry. And EGL USA has been fighting against these tactics and these labs for over a decade. We have done this in federal court, the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, and even the press. But, more importantly, we have done this by providing hundreds of thousands of accurate, consistent gemological reports for nearly 40 years.


“The only thing that EGL USA is announcing this week is our continuing commitment to exceptional gemological science and service. For EGL USA, that's business as usual.”


EGL USA to Introduce a Free Diamond Trading Platform


Los Angeles, CA — November 20, 2014 — EGL USA today announced the development of a new, independent, and complimentary trading platform for the diamond industry. The platform is in final testing stages and expected to launch shortly. EGL USA initiated and sponsored the site, to serve the needs of the entire North American diamond industry. A leading interactive firm specializing in software development and creative media will handle day-to-day operations directly.


The platform will offer basic inventory data on certified diamonds from all major labs. The site will provide posting and browsing capability, enabling wholesalers, dealers, and jewelers to contact one another and do business directly. Platform members will be invited to register an unlimited number of users on each of their accounts. The site, initially operating in beta format, will introduce additional features over time.


“The new platform will be free, open, and independent, said Yaakov Tversky, director of EGL USA. “And it will provide an immediate, no-cost solution for our business partners, who were unfairly displaced by RapNet. We look forward to seeing the site grow into a full-fledged resource that will support the success of our customers, as well as the industry at large.”


EGL USA Responds to Pending Removal from Rapnet List —

Lab's Commitment to Exceptional Science, Service, and Customers Remains Unchanged


New York, NY — September 16, 2014 — In response to the pending removal of EGL USA from the Rapnet list, Mitch Jakubovic, director of EGL USA, released the following statement.


“Recently, Rapnet announced its intention to remove EGL USA from its trading platform, along with other E.G.L.-named laboratories. We remained publicly silent, while meetings were ongoing. Unfortunately, Martin Rapaport remains committed to this new policy. EGL USA, in turn, remains committed to delivering exceptional gemological science and service to its customers.


“EGL USA is a highly regarded, independent gemological laboratory. In particular, the lab's GIA- and FGA-trained gemologists are recognized for consistent grading and significant achievements in gemological research.


“EGL USA is in no way affiliated with any E.G.L.-named laboratories outside of North America. In fact, as the sole owner of the trademark in the United States, EGL USA is the only E.G.L. lab with the legal right to issue gemological reports here.


“To protect this right, EGL USA brought trademark infringement and false advertising claims against the E.G.L labs outside of North America, for both their inflated grading practices and improper use of the E.G.L. name in the U.S. These legal actions reinforce an existing customs border ban on their reports, established over a decade ago.


“Our customers know all of this. And Rapaport knows it, too. Rapaport reported on the ban when it was initiated. And Rapaport consistently distinguished EGL USA — in advertisements, industry events, listings, and surveys. Just last year, Rapaport verified the quality of EGL USA analyses as comparable to top tier labs, such as GIA. We earned this recognition. Moreover, we expect an industry leader and standard-bearer, like Rapaport, to always present our lab — and all other labs — clearly and fairly.


“Instead, in its recent press release, Rapaport referenced EGL USA as part of 'EGL' and 'European Gemological Laboratories' and associated our lab with language including 'the misrepresentation of diamond quality' and 'over-grading of diamonds.' None of this is accurate.


“Simply put, the delisting of EGL USA penalizes us for our name alone. And while that is a great disservice to EGL USA, it is an even greater disservice to our customers and the industry-at-large.


“We are very grateful for the tremendous support of our customers, particularly those who spoke loudly and publicly on our behalf. We will return the favor, announcing updated trading platform plans shortly.”


EGL USA Announces “Envira Reports™” for Environmentally Friendly Gems and Jewelry


New York, NY — May 29, 2013 — EGL USA Gemological Laboratory announced today the availability of Envira Diamond™ and Envira Colored Gemstone Reports™ for environmentally-friendly gems and jewelry. These reports combine the classic elements of EGL USA gemological reports with a modern commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


The Envira Diamond Report™ verifies carat weight, clarity grade, color grade, and cut (shape and style), and sustainable origin. The Envira Colored Gemstone Report™ verifies carat weight, color, cut (shape and style), fluorescence, gemstone identification, measurements, and sustainable origin. Both reports are available for stones or jewelry that meet specific environmentally-friendly criteria.


Envira Reports™ are presented in covers printed on responsibly sourced paper stock, with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified recycled fiber content.


“Sustainably-sourced gems and jewelry are an important part of today's market, said Mitch Jakubovic, director of EGL USA. “From heirloom and reclaimed items, to newly mined pieces that are conflict-free and ethically-sourced, these treasures have more than just beauty. They have unique stories to tell. And EGL USA's Envira Reports™ can confirm the facts that bring those stories to life.”


EGL USA to Officially Re-Launch Website at JCK Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV — May 29, 2013 — EGL USA Gemological Laboratory announced today the upcoming re-launch of its website: www.eglusa.com. The site will feature an enhanced online presence and extensive customer and consumer resources. The site will premiere via ongoing demonstrations May 31–June 3, 2013, at EGL USA's JCK Las Vegas booth #B3553.


Retailers and consumers will also find customized resources. A particular highlight is EGL USA's collection of gemological glossaries. These user-friendly pages feature hundreds of gemological definitions, photos, and illustrations. A related section contains helpful guides for how to choose diamonds, colored gemstones, and pearls. Additional site features will be implemented on an ongoing basis.


“The new site is designed with all of our customers in mind,” said Mitch Jakubovic, director of EGL USA. “It will provide convenient day-to-day support for current customers, while introducing new audiences to important information about gemstones and gemological reports. It's truly a one-stop resource for online science and service.”


Iris on the Move®  N-Glance™ Identification System Secures Access to EGL USA


New York, NY — March 28, 2012 — SRI International Sarnoff's Iris on the Move®  (IOM)
N-Glance™ identification system is protecting EGL USA by confirming the identity of authorized employees as they enter the laboratory. EGL USA's New York location is the first gemological lab to use this type of identification system for security purposes.


“Security is a critical part of our business. The N-Glance system enables us to control access to our lab in a reliable, practical way,” said Mitch Jakubovic, director of EGL USA. “We plan to implement the system at other EGL USA lab locations.”


According to the US Government Accountability Office, iris recognition is about eight times more accurate than fingerprints with respect to false acceptance rates. SRI's system is unobtrusive and safe to the human eye. Users simply glance at the system from a comfortable distance.
The system confirms identity (or not) in less than a second.