Universal Gemological Services (UGS), an independent appraisal company, provides appraisal reports for items — loose polished diamonds, colored diamonds, colored gemstones, and most jewelry — accompanied by objective evaluation reports from reputable professional gemological laboratories. Upon customer request, EGL USA will forward gemological findings to UGS.


UGS staff includes skilled market analysts and certified members from top nationally accepted appraisal organizations.

Staff applies market analyses and mathematical calculations to assign an approximate value that is appropriate to the purpose of the appraisal and in full compliance with the standards of top appraisal organizations and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP).


UGS offers a variety of comprehensive reports, including data such as a description of each piece, its analysis and attributes, digital photo, diagram(s), archival documentation, and a formal report approximating its designated fair market value.

Each report is completely objective — free of any conflict of interest with wholesalers, retailers, or auction houses.

Report sizes include:

Full Reports

  • Comprehensive findings with supporting diagrams and/or photos, on full-sized (8.5” x 11”) silver UGS reports.
  • These are packaged in clear plastic sleeves.

  • View a UGS Appraisal Report

Mini Reports

  • Key findings, often with basic diagrams and/or photos, on compact cards.
  • These are designed in a range of sizes ideal for retail use:

Appraisal Summary A small report (3.5” x 5.25”) in a silver UGS card-stock bi-fold. As an exclusive bonus, free UGS Appraisal Summaries accompany all full-size EGL USA Diamond, Hearts & Arrows Diamond, and Cut Grade Diamond Reports issued for white loose stones.

View a UGS Appraisal Summary

Micro Appraisal Report — 3.125” x 3.125”, to fit a standard jewelry box.

Appraisal ID Card — 3.25” x 2”, a credit-card size.

Appraisal Gem Tag — 2” x 1”, to fit a loose stone or ring display tray.


From start to finish, client property and information are protected. Stones and jewelry are kept in a secure insured facility. And final documents include a variety of intricate security measures to ensure their authenticity.


Report work typically begins with analysis provided by EGL USA for a preliminary review of the stone or jewelry. Clients can choose shipped, hand-delivered, and, in some cases, appointment-based services.

Appraisal pricing is available in the EGL USA Price Schedule.

To schedule an initial consultation, submit an item for appraisal, or for additional information, contact UGS customer service at 888 EGL USA4 (888 345 8724) or

Please note: UGS reports are subject to report terms & conditions.